Patent Services

Patent gives you, the inventor, an exclusive right to make, use, or sell your invention. The entire rationale for granting inventors patents is “to promote the progress of science, by securing for limited times to inventors the exclusive right to their respective inventions.

Patent is granted for “new and useful process, machine, manufacture or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement, thereof.

Resolute4IP is one stop shop if you are considering to obtain a Patent. Resolute4IP team has experts with 20+ years of experience in handling IPR matter. 

When the idea of invention is conveyed, prior art searching of published literature (patents and non-patent literature) is prerequisite to identify novelty and inventive step of invention.

Our Patent Services Include:

  • Patent Search & Analytics
  • Patent Drafting (Provisional/Complete)
  • Patent Filing (India & Abroad)
  • Patent Prosecution

Key steps in Patent Prosecution include:

Filing of Provisional/Complete Specification

• If Provisional Specification is filed, a complete specification should be filed within 12 months from the “Date of filing”

• Publication of patent application within 18 months from date of filing

• A Request for Early Publication may be applied if we want the application to be published early; by filing Form 9 & paying scheduled Govt. Fees.

• Request for examination of application should be applied any time before 48 months from date of filing by filing Form 18 & paying scheduled Govt. Fees.

• Alternatively, a Request for Expedite Examination can be applied by Applicants notified under Patent Amendment Rules if the applicant wishes to get the application examined within one month by Filing Form 18A and paying scheduled Govt. Fees.

• First Examination Report (FER) is issued by the Indian Patent Office.

• Applicant has EXACTLY 6 months to overcome objections of examiner on technical and formal objections.

• If examiner agrees patent is granted and Patent certificate testifying the same is issued.

• In case examiner is not satisfied, a Hearing Notice will be issued for overcoming the objection.

• A written response to be submitted within 15 days from the Date of hearing

• If examiner agrees on the response submitted, Patent is granted

• The patent stays active for 20 years from date of filing of the application if you continue to pay the annuity fees.