IP Management & Audit

Resolute4IP offers its services on IP Management & Audit as it is key to creation and effective utilization of one’s intellectual property portfolio to maximum advantage

Our IP Management offerings include:

• Framing In-house IP Policy – IP Policy is key to streamline procedures that will encourage early and full disclosure of all potentially patentable and otherwise protectable IPs.

• Establish Evaluation Criteria – An evaluation criterion is critical to know what do you want to protect

• Enlisting of IP Portfolio – It is very important to enlist all the IPs created and easily accessible with critical timelines.

• Educate the Team & establishing IPM Cell – it is important to create an awareness among all technical personnel about patent, trademark and copyright infringement avoidance, and from whom to seek guidance in avoiding infringement of another’s IPRs

If your organization is primarily driven by technology or intend to generate IPs moving forward, it is highly recommended that an Intellectual Property Audit be conducted, and periodically updated.

In today’s large business environment many companies with extensive patent and intellectual property assets have no idea what the totality of these assets are.

IP Audit provides an inventory of company’s intellectual property assets so that information is readily available when it becomes necessary to enforce, license or sell any of those assets.

Our IP Audit offerings include:

• Identification all intellectual property in your portfolio, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, know-how, license agreements, technology transfer agreements, and anything else your company considers as intellectual property;

• Analyzing the categories of subject matter your company desires to protect, and includes a plan for identifying the categories of technology you desire to protect in the future; and

• Including a policy statement or manual setting forth internal procedures for the protection of your company’s intellectual property, and for maintaining the confidentiality of your company’s proprietary and trade secret information.