IP Information Services

If you think IP is worth creating, conduct a due diligence and avoid reinventing the wheel

We are living a world which is highly dynamic, interconnected and changing at a fast pace. It is therefore very critical to keep tab of technological progress happening across the globe in respective technology area.

In a simpler term, it is very important that the solution we intend to offer for a particular problem has not been protected via Patent or publicly accessible.

Resolute4IP offers various types of search services to clients which helps to assess Patentability, Validity, Clearance and Infringement.

Patentability Search – If you wish to determine whether one’s invention can be patented and, if so, what other patents or nonpatent literature would be relevant to that assessment. One must get it done prior to the filing of a patent application.

Validity Search – If you wish to validate the claims of published or granted patent against available prior art, validity search is the way forward. It is also referred as invalidity search.

Infringement Search – If you want to ascertain whether an enforceable patent claims the same matter as your concept or unpatented invention. Although a patent offers an exclusive right to the patent holder, it does not expressly provide the right to practice the invention in an environment where another issued patent broadly encompasses the claimed subject matter.

Clearance Search – If you wish to determine if you are “clear” to make, use, and sell an inventive concept. Clearance is established when a patent has not been infringed or has otherwise expired.

In addition, to this there are various other type of searches which we offer. The overall objective of information service is to offer solution as per one’s need. The IP Information Services helps you to strategize your IP Roadmap efficiently.